The Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the world’s largest and busiest travel hubs. Realizing that the airport concession shopping experience was not perceived to be as competitive as brick and mortar outlets, the Director of Concessions asked MatterMax Media principals to assist the airport in creating a marketing campaign that ensured travelers were aware of the airport’s value pricing strategy for airport and in-flight merchandise purchases.




MatterMax Media “Responded" to this challenge by focusing on various outcomes.

    • Conducted Airport traffic and travelers analysis
    • Analyzed various department store shoppers to include travelers by category
    • Researched spending habits of the Atlanta Metro Counties Constituents
    • Reviewed historical out of state/country travelers inbound/stopovers to Hartsfield-Jackson
    • Designed and created the first online (printable) coupon brochure, “Priced to Fly,” for a United States airport that included over 24 vendors
    • Brokered an annual contract deal between an NBC affiliate and CA1 Services for a full page position on a local NBC affiliate TV station website for display during peak travel seasons
    • Created a linking system to track WXIA users going to the Hartsfield-Jackson website
    • Prepared reconciliation reports for each travel period for CA1 Services
    • Managed changes and updates to the online “Priced to Fly” coupon brochure for the vendors requiring new products, new discounts, or discontinued products, etc.
    • Implemented online advertising for the “Priced to Fly” coupon brochure within the NBC affiliate website, ie., front page banners, sidebars, etc.
    • Digitized the information
    • Level set competitive pricing
    • Affirmed each retailers brand identity
    • Created and distribute targeted messages


To accomplish these goals we created a web page of links that featured an online coupon jump page that branded the Airport’s concession shops as equally priced retail destinations. Additionally, the web page featured coupon discounts and linked the coupons back to the airport’s web site, booking agents, and airport concourse.


Extending the campaign, “Price to Fly,” was a win-win for the Atlanta Airport vendors and the public.


    • 26% Increase in Concession Traffic
    • 1.3 Million Page Views Per Month
    • A1-Concessionaires sales increased


The traditional campaigns and outlets now had a new online dimension with additional exposure on an NBC affiliate web site. And, the web site promotion was recognized as the first of its kind for a U.S. airport, garnering accolades for MatterMax Media as subject matter experts in airport online advertising, branding and web site promotions.

MatterMax Media helped the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and its Concessionaires, make its online and offline marketing strategies a winner for everyone!