Take a department store that was perceived as boring and outdated and make it the go-to retail-shopping destination for Bermudians and tourists.


MatterMax Media principal co-founder researched and analyzed the market before recommending a complete store revamp that included floor and window merchandising, logo redesign, improved sales support, and a completely new advertising campaign to announce the trendier store.


The new advertising campaign, “For the Way Bermuda Lives,” attracted locals and tourists, resulting in a 43% increase in sales, and the opening of two niche in-store boutiques: The Bermuda Olympic Boutique and The Reid Street Underground. Additionally, the on-going ad campaign won numerous awards from the Advertising Council and the Bermuda Lily Awards for 3 consecutive years.

Note: As a result of the strategic marketing overhaul, Gibbons Company is the only retail department store in operation in Bermuda today. As economic conditions deteriorated, the competitor department stores were forced to close their doors. This is a classic example of why Strategic Marketing done correctly can withstand the pressures of economic challenges.