A new company, SEE BABY, needed a refreshing web presence to reflect their state-of-the-art spa-like medical facility. The company's focus is in pre-natal and perinatal services, coupled with the latest technological treatment for complicated pregnancies. Having worked with MatterMax Media on other projects, we were asked to deliver a comprehensive web design that optimized and mirrored the image, location and company's new business model.


MatterMax Media delivered a forward thinking web site design that enhances the user experience, created a visual environment that reflects a spa-like feel, and added all of the functionality that one would expect for a state of the art faciltiy including:

  • Consulting
  • Social Media
  • HD Video
  • Photo Gallery
  • Online Forms
  • CMS Training
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Integrated Security


The new SEE BABY web site is a Content Management System, database-driven, destination for users that can be updated 24/7 by non-technical staff, and will allow the company to position and grow as a leader in its industry.