IBM's call center in Atlanta needed to deliver on the goal of $1 billion in annual sales utilizing some 137 account representatives. Under Cornelia's leadership as a sales coach and trainer, the call center exceeded that goal for 3 consecutive years.


Cornelia created a sales and training strategy that assisted sales reps in indentifying proper methodology in order to uncover hidden opportunities within each prospective vendor:

  • Lifecycle Transitions
  • IT Planning
  • Communications Scheduling
  • New product timeline testing
  • Product sampling


IBM saw record sales for each year for computers, servers, and servicing agreements!

  • During this period, IBM out-performed all other computer manufacturers!
  • Several sales reps won the IBM prestigious Gold Circle award under Cornelia's directives.

If you are looking to increase your sales goals, then MatterMax Media's CEO, Cornelia Hicks should be your first consideration.